I was contacted by RedBud Partners to create a new logo for them that would shape their business proposal, so they could launch into the fragmented market with elegance, pride and a strong brand presence. RedBud Partners are an advisory team of experts, designed to help and support online publishers. Publishers (essentially media owners who typically own one, or many websites, phone apps etc.), are currently in a situation whereby they are treading water to survive. The media giants, such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, are dominating the publisher share of the market.

“Publishers are like bees. Bee’s are essential creatures to the evolution and survival of the natural world, yet they are under extreme danger of extinction or threat. Like bee’s, publishers are vital for the survival of advertising and technology, yet they find themselves drowning in a fragmented, complex world. The RedBud tree is planted by gardeners to help bees strive. It’s the supportive framework that allows bees to regain their strength. Like the tree, RedBud partners has been built to do exactly that for the publishing world.”



Art Direction Branding Design

Chosen Logo

The geometric design, with bold lines, brings a modern, edgy style to the brand. It’s complemented by a recognisable icon moulding the letters R&B to flourish as the ‘bud’ of the identity.

Concept One

Inspired by the natural shape of bees, the typography uses sharp lines and incomplete letters, to reflect the idea of versatility, communication and growth.

Concept Two

Taking a softer approach, I wanted a script type font that would appear friendly and approachable in the fragmented market. The swoop from the ‘R’ perfectly rests before ‘Partners’ which makes it seem open and welcoming to potential clients. 

Concept Three

I chose the similarities in the two letters to create an overlapping logo, which implies trust in the brand. Using a prominent and bold font for ‘RedBud’, but firmly supported by ‘Partners’ underneath reinforces the brand trust message.